back pain after bbl

back pain after bbl

Back Pain After BBL

BBL recovery, or recovery after Brazilian buttock lift, is a common inquiry regarding this rather popular surgery. This particular gluteal augmentation procedure is a type of surgery that is performed using person’s own fat to augment and shape the buttocks.

The procedure is performed using liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (stomach, hips and ties), and then transferring it into the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be performed around the buttocks in order to improve their appearance – lifting and contouring it, ultimately bringing more perky and youthful results, as well as a more sensual profile.

If you want to find out more about BBL recovery time and how long does it last, read the text below.

How long does BBL recovery time lasts?

The initial recovery after Brazilian buttock lift can last 3 to 4 weeks, at least for a patient to feel back to normal. As a result of immediate BBL post op, a patient starts experiencing bruising or swelling in the areas that used to harvest the fat cells.

BBL side-effects you should be prepared for

It completely normal to experience certain side effects during recovery after BBL procedure. The most common side effects are bruising, swelling and discomfort in the treated area, so the pain medications should be directed accordingly. This area will also be swollen, but won’t be as painful.

Is It Normal to Have Back Pain Post BBL Procedure?

The swelling, bruising, and pain during the first week after Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) are significant, and most patients will have difficulty moving around. Back pain and swelling will minimize after one month post-op.  Massages are very important after liposuction as these minimizes the chances of fluid collection and reduces swelling.

However, your plastic surgeon will give you pain medication to handle any pain that might be involved and help you feel much more comfortable. You will see significant improvement in the way your body feels and looks in the following 2 weeks. Refrain from strenuous activity for the first month after surgery and contact your plastic surgeon promptly if you notice an increase in swelling, pain, redness, drainage, or bleeding in the surgical area, or if you develop fever (above 100.4 F), dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.

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