Dr Mohammadi
  • DR. Solmaz Mohammadi

    1-Outstanding rank in Iranian national university entrance exam in 2004

    2-Medical school: Shiraz University of medical school, graduated as General Practioner in 2011

    3-Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology since 2017

    I started my four years of clinical training at the department of OB/GYN medical school ,at Tehran and Shiraz University of Medical sciences ( 2013 -2015 at Tehran Medical school, 2015-2017 at Shiraz medical school)

    I successfully achieved the Iranian board of OB/GYN in September 2017 as first 10% of participants

  • Carriers:

    1-worked as General Practioner in Lamerd Hospital in ER (2011-2013)

    2-worked as an assistant of Professor Saeed Alborzi in his private office ,experiencing advanced  transvaginal and transrectal sonographies of endometriosis and update IVF portocols

    3-worked as Gynecologist in Ghir Hospital (2017-2019)

    4- Currently work at own private office in shiraz

    Clinical experiences:

    1-prenatalogy management

    2-OB/GYN surgeries

    3-Gyn cosmetic surgeries

    4-Urogynecological surgeries and management

    5-Infertility management (IUI, IVF, ICSI)

    6-Transvaginal sonography and fetus biometric sonography

    7-Laparascopy applied to Gyn surgeries and infertility

Patient Review