• Dr. Farshad Abolghasemzadeh

    . Fellowship in musculoskeletal tumors

    . Surgery and treatment of malignant and benign tumors of bones, joints, muscles, fats, arteries and nerves of organs.

    . Surgery for fractures and bone abnormalities

    . Joint replacement, arthroscopy

    . Limb Deformity Treatment

    . Osteoporosis Treatment and Pain Management

    . Bone metabolic diseases

The following are among some of her experiences:

. General orthopedics (treatment of fractures, deviations and bone abnormalities, back pain and intervertebral disc problems, knee and joint pain, pelvic and knee joint replacement, arthroscopy and treatment of meniscus and ligament injuries).

. Surgery for malignant tumors in other areas of the body that spread to the bones.

. After completing his general medicine course, Dr. Farshad Abolghasemzadeh continued his specialized studies in orthopedics at Iran University of Medical Sciences (Shafa Yahyaian Hospital) and in 2010 received his specialty board degree in orthopedics.

Dr. Abolghasemzadeh is ready to provide the following services:

. All cancers that originate in the bones, muscles, fats, arteries, and nerves that occur in the upper limbs (shoulder to toe) and lower limbs (pelvis to toe). Benign tumors, bone cysts, and bone metabolic diseases are also included.

. Surgery for malignant cancers of other areas of the body (such as the lungs, kidneys, thyroid, breast, prostate, etc.) that have spread to the bone and caused pain or fracture in the bone.

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