What is the safest BBL surgery?

What is the safest BBL surgery?

What is the safest BBL surgery?

In recent years, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery has come under scrutiny for its rate of complications, with the procedure’s quick rise to popularity and unscrupulous surgeons both contributing to the problem. Studies revealed these safety issues resulted in part from the use of an incorrect and dangerous injection method. Thankfully, most board-certified plastic surgeons practicing today are informed about the best injection practices for avoiding these complications. Performed correctly by a highly-qualified plastic surgeon, the Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective procedure.

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BBL Surgery Safety

Nevertheless, the safety of the BBL has received some alarmed attention. While liposuction is generally safe, fat transfer carries some risks it's best to be informed about.

The buttocks are home to a network of blood vessels, all of which drain into the inferior vena cava (IVC). A vein, this large blood vessel takes deoxygenated blood back to the heart to be recycled. The problem emerges when surgeons inject the fat into the buttocks. The fat should be injected into the subcutaneous region of the buttock using a cannula—a long metal tube that can vary thickness depending on the technique used—just beneath the skin. If a surgeon exercises poor technique, they could inject the fat into a blood vessel that flows into the IVC or below the muscle in the buttock, where the fat could also get into the circulatory system. When fat gets into the bloodstream, it can trigger a fat embolism. The fat can reach the heart or lungs and cause serious symptoms.

Over the past couple of years, the surgical community has banded together to improve the standards of care for the procedure. In 2018 various surgery associations like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery formed new safety guidelines around buttock fat transfers. The purpose was to increase awareness of the risks involved in the BBL.

Nevertheless, top surgeons across the country agree that the procedure can be very safe if the surgeon performing the BBL has the experience and knows well the risks involved. It is in the patients' best interests to exercise caution when selecting their surgeons, especially seeing how the amount of fat being transferred in operations today is higher than ever. At Iranian Surgery, we recommend that you choose a doctor like our own who is board-certified, experienced, enjoy well-regarded reviews, and have a social media profile that inspires trust and confidence in their skills. Select a doctor whose aesthetic you trust and who can talk with you to achieve your desired result.

Getting a BBL is a transformative experience, and you want to make sure that you are in the best hands in the business for what is a very involved procedure. Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Fisher or his expert team. They are there to answer your questions and clarify issues around safety.

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How to get a safe Brazilian Butt Lift

Although Brazilian butt lift surgery has been shown to have a higher complication rate than other cosmetic procedures, there are many happy patients who have received fat grafting to the buttocks safely and with beautiful results.

To achieve that, as a patient you need to know how to approach your procedure safely.

First, know that Brazilian butt lifts are by no means a “one size fits all” procedure. Every patient’s body is different, with varying levels of fat and muscle—that means what is safe for one patient may not be safe for you, and the nuances of the procedure need to be well-understood by your surgeon.

This makes it crucial that you work with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has successfully performed Brazilian butt lifts for a range of patients. Your surgeon should recognize the limitations of the procedure, be up-to-date on the latest safety precautions, and be completely transparent with you about what you can expect with surgery and recovery.

Safe BBL Procedure

A safe BBL will be conducted by a surgeon that has the proper experience and training as well as an intimate understanding of safely and correctly performing the surgery on your body.

Safe BBLs avoid fat injection into or under the muscle, eliminating the risk of a fat embolism. A proper technique for a safe BBL would only have the transferred fat injected into the subcutaneous layer of existing fat, and should not be injected any deeper.

Our plastic surgeons at Iranian Surgery who perform safe BBL procedure, use high-resolution ultrasound-assisted liposuction techniques when performing a safe BBL procedure. We utilize a jackknife angle on the bed when injecting the fat into the buttocks, which also minimizes fat injection to <1500 cc. Safe BBLs also require postoperative monitoring, including monitoring of S_O2 levels and tachycardia, rapid heart rate. High S_O2 levels and tachycardia are the first signs of pulmonary embolization, a life-threatening complication.

If you are interested in a safe BBL, we encourage you to view our BBL surgery gallery of before and after photos to appreciate the changes that are possible. You are welcome to contact us for a safe BBL procedure inquiry.

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