Tummy Tuck Regrets

Tummy Tuck Regrets

Tummy Tuck Regrets

Feelings of Regret After Tummy Tuck

It is common for patients to feel emotional and stressed after a major surgery such as tummy tuck. Being uncomfortable and taking pain medication for many days along with the restrictions to regular activity can affect mental health. It is important to have people around you who can encourage and distract you while you heal. if you are having regrets, we recommend that you contact your plastic surgeon and let them know how you are feeling. They can help you to know what to expect as you go through the phases of recovery and ensure that you are on track. You are very early in recovery but the majority of swelling and discomfort can be expected to resolve for you soon. It will take many months for you to see the settled results of your procedure and some asymmetry or distortion is quite normal at the early stages following the surgery.

Here are some common regrets patients feel after Tummy Tuck

Considering Tummy Tuck? The decision to have tummy tuck is a an important one and should never feel pressured or rushed. To help women considering surgery, here are the most common regrets that we hear from our patients after undergoing tummy tuck surgery.

I wish I went to a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Patients visiting Iranian Surgery seeking revision surgery often express that they wish they had done more research on their choice of surgeon before undergoing their primary procedure. While every surgery comes with risk, choosing a specialist plastic surgeon minimizes that risk because of the extensive training they completed before they were able to use that title. something which holds true about all the plastic surgeons here at Iranian Surgery. And of course, we encourage you to do your own research, go over before and after photos and make an educated decision.

I wish I had chosen the right procedure for me

Patients too often find out too late that there may have been a more suitable procedure they could have opted for to get better results if only they had been aware of their options. For example, if a patient says they want liposuction on their abdomen, they often don’t understand that the surgery won’t address the concerns of underlying muscle separation or lax skin as an abdominoplasty would do. Iranian Surgery plastic surgeons take time to educate patients on their full scope of surgical options, the likely outcomes and the risks during their initial consultation and won’t offer a procedure they believe will provide a sub-optimal outcome.

I wish I followed my post-operative instructions

It is so important that patients take it easy and follow their post-operative instructions diligently after surgery. Recovering from tummy tuck takes time, and although our patients often find they are feeling good in the weeks following surgery, it is important not to overdo it and to adhere to the post-operative instructions provided. Things like smoking, eating a poor diet, going back to work or the gym too soon or not wearing your surgical garments during the post-operative period can have a huge impact on your surgical results, even leading to wound breakdown, delayed healing and excessive scarring.

I wish I kept my weight stable

We know just how much work it takes to reach your goal weight prior to surgery, but just as important to achieving an incredible long-term surgical result with Iranian Surgery specialists is maintaining your goal weight after surgery. It is no surprise that patients who gain large amounts of weight after surgery, or go on to have further pregnancies, run the risk of altering their surgical results.

I wish I’d done it sooner!

Many of our patients tell us they have sat on the fence with the decision to undergo tummy tuck for months or even years before taking the leap. Patients are often overwhelmed by the idea of looking ‘fake,’ facing judgement from their friends, family or colleagues or have second thoughts about investing down time and money into their appearance. Post-operatively, patients often realize how exaggerated their fears were and wish they would have gone ahead with surgery sooner so they could have enjoyed their results for longer!

About Iranian Surgery

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