Surrogacy in Ukraine vs Iran

Is surrogacy in Ukraine safe?

Is surrogacy in Iran safe?

Which is cheaper?Ukraine or Iran?

The average cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is around $50,000 while the cost of Surrogacy in Iran with IVF and egg donation is around $ 13800.

When it comes to surrogacy, Iran and Ukraine have always been two of the most popular choices among intended parents. Mainly because of the more affordable prices they offer and the required legal and medical infrastructures they already have in place. But unfortunately, ever since the war broke out in Ukraine, most if not all clinics offering surrogacy services there have ceased to operate. To the extent that even those parents with frozen embryos who were expecting to start the next stages of their surrogacy journey have been forced to transfer their frozen embryos to clinics in other countries. Therefore, European couples for whom Ukraine was the preferable choice can now look to Iran as their next best option. After coming to Iran, they might even realize that Iran should have been their first choice after all. because Iran not only offers more competitive prices, but also has a more advanced medical infrastructure. not to mention the more experienced medical teams with superior knowledge of fertility treatment methods.


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