Rhinoplasty For Bulbous Nose

Rhinoplasty For Bulbous Nose

Rhinoplasty For Bulbous Nose

Few things have such a strong influence on facial symmetry as the nose. And having a wide nose can have a significant impact on how you feel about your appearance — you may be unhappy with the overall look and symmetry of your face, which can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence. Fortunately, rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is an effective way to correct a wide nose and improve your appearance and self-esteem.

What Is a Bulbous Tip?

A bulbous tip occurs when the tip of the nose is enlarged and rounded in appearance. What causes a bulbous tip? Genetics are a primary cause of a bulbous tip, but some people develop this feature later in life. Men are more likely to have a bulbous tip than women. Causes of a bulbous tip include:

. Poorly defined cartilage

. Weak cartilage strength

. Heavy soft tissue coverage

. Thick nasal skin

. Some medical conditions and lifestyle practices

Who is a Good Candidate for a Rhinoplasty Due to Bulbous Nose?

Although the term bulbous refers to something fat, round, or bulging, it does not accurately describe the nose shapes that a bulbous nose rhinoplasty can address. To get a sense of the possibilities offered by this cosmetic surgery, look at bulbous nose rhinoplasty before and after photos on Iranian Surgery website. Essentially a bulbous nose rhinoplasty aims to smooth and minimize the number of common nose shapes, particularly around the tip of the nose, such as:

. Excessive lower lateral cartilage — This is the area above the nostrils and between the tip of the nose. With too much cartilage in this area, it can cause the tip of the nose to appear large in relation to the rest of the face.

. Convex shape to lateral cartilage — If the area around the tip of the nose and nostrils protrudes out with a significant rounding, this can be an attribute of a bulbous nose.

. Excess cartilage and tissue — The position and amount of cartilage and tissue can determine the shape of a nose. The cartilage that is more vertically aligned can create a larger nose shape. Excess tissue around the tip of the nose can also contribute to the nose appearing more bulbous.

Reshaping the Bulbous Tip: How Rhinoplasty Helps

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that involves reshaping the nose. Patients with a bulbous tip can benefit from rhinoplasty for a more attractive nasal tip.

Cartilage Removal and Shaping

Cartilage from the nasal tip is removed and the remaining cartilage is reshaped. This shaping reduces the size and roundness of the bulbous tip.

Suturing to Create a Sharper Nasal Tip

Specialized suturing techniques that bring the nasal tip into a more pointed shape. This suturing must be carefully performed to ensure a natural-looking result. Nose job surgeons at Iranian Surgery are skilled and experienced and use the latest techniques to create a beautiful and natural-looking tip refinement for patients with a bulbous nose.

Will I Need an Open or Closed Rhinoplasty for My Bulbous Tip Reshaping?

Minor tweaks to the nasal tip can be accomplished using a closed rhinoplasty technique. For a more advanced refinement, an open rhinoplasty may be recommended. An open procedure provides better access and allows for more cartilage removal and tip shaping.

. Closed Rhinoplasty – A type of rhinoplasty where all incisions are made inside of the nostrils. This type of rhinoplasty leaves no visible scarring.

. Open Rhinoplasty – An open rhinoplasty provides better access and visibility to your plastic surgeon. In an open procedure, one incision is made across the columella, the tissue strip that divides the nostrils. Additional incisions are made inside of the nostrils. While a small incision is made on the skin of the nose, once you heal, it should fade dramatically. Most people don’t notice the scar easily.

FAQ: Rhinoplasty for Bulbous Nose

Can a bulbous tip be corrected with thick skin?

Despite the thickness of the nasal tip skin, bulging tip noses with thick nasal tip skin can still be refined.  Even for a deviated septum, this can be accomplished through tip cartilage shaping, suture techniques, and the use of cartilage grafts from the septum after septoplasty.  Subcutaneous fat and muscle around the tip skin can also be reduced to create a more defined tip.  Even with these techniques, however, the bulbous tip with thick skin is more difficult to refine than one with thin skin.

I’m a Man with a Bulbous Nose, Can I Benefit from a Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty may be the solution for a man who wants to remove some of the bulbous features of his nose. Iranian plastic surgeons believe it is critical to treat male patients differently than female patients. Although the fundamental artistic and medical skills remain the same, our surgeons concentrate on the physiology of both male and female noses to give each patient the desired look. Male bulbous nose rhinoplasty is quite common, and the dramatic transformations can be seen by comparing bulbous nose male rhinoplasty before and after photos.

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