Knee Popping after Meniscus Surgery

Knee Popping after Meniscus Surgery

Knee Popping after Meniscus Surgery

Causes of knee popping after surgery may be due to inflammation of structures within the knee. Sometimes, if implants were used — although this is much less likely — popping can occur with different knee movements.

During arthroscopic surgery, fluid is inserted into the joint through the arthroscope. While the fluid is absorbed by the body with time, initially, it can contribute to stiffness and popping sounds. Popping sounds can also occur due to stiffness from scar tissue after surgery. It may take a while for the joint to move smoothly again as the joint heals.

Knee snapping or popping can understandably be irritating and uncomfortable. For those who experience knee popping, studies have shown that leg strengthening exercises and other physical therapies can help to reduce knee popping.

The following measures may help to reduce knee popping:

. Strengthening of leg muscles

. Increasing leg and hip flexibility

. Increasing ankle range of motion and flexibility

Most often, knee popping usually resolves with time and with exercise as the knee continues to heal.

Although uncommon, despite exercise and time, popping may become the new norm and there may not be much else that can be done.



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