Is Gastric Botox Safe?

Is Gastric Botox Safe?

Is Gastric Botox Safe?

Gastric Botox is completely safe and does not cause any health problems for the patient. Still, before the injections, you must follow the doctor’s instructions, such as fasting and stopping any blood thinner medications.

Stomach Botox is considered a safe procedure if it is done correctly. Still, its results are not permanent, and some people often experience weight gain again after losing it.

But we must clarify that weight loss injections suit those who want to lose 10-15 kg. And, it is not suitable for those who are obese. Those who suffer from obesity must resort to other methods, often surgical ones.

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Is Gastric Botox FDA Approved?

According to the National Library of Medicine, the Botulinum toxin used in the weight loss Botox injection is an FDA-approved medication.

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