Is Bleeding Normal After IVF Embryo Transfer

Is Bleeding Normal After IVF Embryo Transfer

Is Bleeding Normal After IVF Embryo Transfer

The final step in the IVF procedure is embryo transfer. For many patients, it is the most exciting part of their IVF treatment; however, for others, it may be a frightening experience due to symptoms whose meaning they do not fully comprehend. One of the symptoms that causes anxiety in some women is bleeding. Bleeding does not always indicate that something is wrong. Indeed, it can indicate that implantation is occurring. Small capillaries in the uterine wall can be ruptured when an embryo implants into it. This may result in light spotting or minor bleeding. These symptoms are common after an embryo transfer procedure and occur in 7 – 42% of IVF cycles. However, if you notice any unusual bleeding, please contact our IVF specialists at Iranian Surgery right away. Contact our doctor right away if you are experiencing abdominal pain or severe cramps.

Menstruation is another important factor to consider after embryo transfer. If you get your period within 12 days of the embryo transfer, you should have your progesterone levels checked. If these levels are low, our doctor may alter your progesterone therapy.

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