Iran Nose Job Percentage

Iran Nose Job Percentage

Iran Nose Job Percentage

Nose job surgery or more technically a rhinoplasty has become a sure way for many to achieve a next level physical beauty, become a more attractive version of themselves or sometimes somebody else – a popular celebrity perhaps. This has kept people wondering “where will I go if I ever decide to have a nose job?” Well, why not come to the one place that for years, now, has had the highest rate of nose job surgeries in the world plus a 90% success rate. Of course, I’m talking about Iran and I assure you, you must look no further.

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Why is Iran the best country for a nose job?

Many reasons make Iran the ideal destination for anyone anywhere in the world interested in making some adjustments in their mid-facial area. Iranian plastic surgeons (specialists who have been trained and educated in the best institutes, colleges, or universities) have for many years operated on many men’s and women’s faces, giving them at times life-changing improvements. An accumulation of experience and wealth that has put Iran on the map for all those eternal seekers of beauty to find. Experienced doctors who are making fewer and fewer mistakes and a build-up of wealth that allows for highly advanced clinics and medical facilities to be erected and put to service. So, the real question has to be: “why shouldn’t Iran be considered the best country for nose job surgery?”

Iran Has the Highest Rate of Nose Jobs in the World

Most if not all people who have looked into this matter rather deeply have come to the understanding that a major catalyst driving Iranian women to be the front runners among nose job surgery recipients is and has always been the country’s dress code requiring them to cover their head, neck and shoulders leaving out only the face. So doing everything in your power to make the most out of this situation is only logical. that may also explain Iran’s unbelievably high consumption of cosmetic products. And in the case of men, to summarize what one Iranian plastic surgeon told USA Today: Iranians have never been famous for the attractive shape of their noses. So, you see, even locally Iran has no shortage of nose job candidates. wait until we tell the world what we have to offer!

Why Is Iran Famous for Rhinoplasty?

Throughout recent years, everything that we talked about above has received a ton of media coverage. And all that publicity has convinced and even encouraged people from other countries to pour into Iran in thousands. Iran has become the promised land for those who have considered the shape of their nose something akin to divine punishment and have spent months and sometimes years in search of a place to turn their face into what it could be (the hidden underlying beauty that can’t wait to be set free). Not only that, but to do so at a price that will not deplete their bank account. And as it happens, Iran and Iranian surgeons do just that. So, two of the main reasons why Iran has the highest rate of rhinoplasties in the world are 1) how good the plastic surgeons are at their job and 2) how low the cost is compared to other countries.

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