Gastric Botox Diet

Gastric Botox Diet

Gastric Botox Diet

What kind of diet should be applied after stomach Botox? Liquid Diet or Solid Diet?

Which type of diet is better after stomach Botox (gastric Botox)?

First of all, let’s start by stating that there is no consensus about the diets to be applied after the stomach Botox procedure and that there are not many scientific articles written on this subject. However, it is a very frequently asked and wondered issue by patients about what kind of diet should be applied after stomach Botox procedure. Before expressing our opinion on diet, a little understanding of the effect mechanism of stomach Botox in weight loss will make it very easy to decide on the diet.

. 1st effect: It slows down the passage of food in the stomach to the small intestine by reducing the movements of the stomach. Thus, it extends the saturation period.

. 2nd effect: When Botox is applied to the special area of ​​the stomach called the fundus, the effect of the hunger hormone ghrelin secreted by the fundus decreases, which severely suppresses the feeling of hunger.

. 3rd effect: As the stomach stays full of food for a longer time, the meal interval is prolonged and a partial feeling of early satiety occurs as the stomach is already partially full from the previous meal while eating meals. The nerve named Vagus transmits this stomach fullness to the brain as a feeling of satiety and satiety. This feeling of satiety and satiety is higher with slowly digested solid foods high in protein and fiber. In addition, the slowing of stomach movements after stomach Botox will keep solid foods in the stomach longer.

Liquid foods, on the other hand, will flow rapidly through the stomach and pass to the small intestine and be absorbed from there, even if stomach movements have slowed down due to the gravity effect and our movements.

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So, let’s decide what kind of diet we should follow after stomach Botox in the light of this basic information.

1- Liquid Diet Period (Between 1-3 Days After Stomach Botox): According to the above information, although we explain that the solid diet increases the weight loss effect of stomach Botox, the stomach Botox process has some specific details.

In stomach Botox, the substance called Botox is applied to each surface of the stomach by injecting a total of 40 times, which means that we inject 40 times to the surface of the stomach called the mucosa. It will be beneficial to apply a liquid – soft food diet for 2 – 3 days to allow time for these 40 tiny injection points to heal. Especially if the foods recommended in this liquid-soft diet period are low-calorie, the patient will see that they lose weight in the first 2-3 days and will develop a low-calorie diet awareness. In all these, it will be a good source of motivation for the patient during the 4 – 6-month weight loss process, which is the effective period of stomach Botox.

2- Solid Diet Period (Post-Liquid Diet Period): After the first 3-day liquid diet is finished, it is useful to switch to the solid diet period as the injection foci on the stomach surface will completely heal. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, both the general satiety saturation mechanism of our body and the effect of stomach Botox on satiety are greater with solid diet. Maybe it will be very useful for our patients by mentioning the basic features of the strict diet.

The most common question asked by our patients is ‘what should I eat after stomach Botox procedure?’. However, we think the right questions are ‘how should I eat and what should I not eat?’ should be. To answer these questions, the basic rules of a healthy diet are already emerging. First of all, none of us should consume white sugar, brown sugar and baklava, chocolates, ice cream, carbonated soft drinks that we call simple carbohydrates. As our body does not need even 1 gram of simple sugar, these simple sugars trigger the metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol.

Another basic rule is that although fruits are a source of abundant vitamins, they should be consumed during the day and should not be consumed in the evening because the simple fruit sugar called fructose is hardly burned by people. Our organs will be stored in the form of fat called fructose triglyceride, which is consumed late and cannot be burned.

Another rule of thumb is about combined carbohydrates. The best example of this is bread. Whole wheat bread is a good source of vitamin B 12. Our recommendation is to consume 1 slice of whole wheat bread a day, provided that it is limited at breakfast. Rice is a food that we do not recommend to consume.

Another issue will be regarding snacks. If the person does not have diabetes with hypoglycemia attacks, we do not recommend snacks. In our opinion, it is a regular diet of 2 or 3 meals a day at the same time of the day. If we want to eat something in between, this vegetable-yoghurt mixture can be salad-style foods.

To summarize, the diet after stomach Botox should consist of high protein and high fiber-based foods. Examples of these are all kinds of agricultural proteins such as meat, beans, lentils, animal foods such as milk, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, and in addition to these, all kinds of vegetables with high fiber sources. Fruit consumption should be absolutely necessary, but not in the evening. The number of meals should be kept between 2 and 3, and avoid snacks as much as possible. The last and most important thing is that we should definitely avoid invaluable foods that contain simple sugar, such as desserts, ice creams, chocolate and coke.



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