Ffs V-Line Vs Jaw Surgery

Ffs V-Line Vs Jaw Surgery

Ffs V-Line Vs Jaw Surgery

The male jaw is typically wider and taller than the female jaw. Men’s jawlines are wider and heavier-set, with a flatter base and a sharper angle between the chin and jaw. This gives the male jawline a distinct “square” appearance. Women’s jawlines are typically rounded, tapered, and pointed.

“Asian” V-Line Jaw Surgery Vs. Feminizing Jaw Surgery

Many of Iranian Surgery patients who are considering facial confirmation surgery to feminize the face mistakenly believe they require “Asian” V-Line surgery for the jaw when, in fact, feminizing jaw surgery — also known as FFS-specific jaw contouring or jaw tapering — is required.

What Is the Difference Between “Asian” V-Line Jaw Surgery and Jaw Tapering?

V-Line jaw surgery typically works to narrow and bring the jawline forward. This procedure is typically recommended for women with an overly-square jawline who want a more feminine, streamlined appearance to the jaw and chin. This strategy, however, does not work to feminize a male face because a male face is typically taller or longer, so a V-Line procedure would only make the face appear more elongated. In the case of a male transitioning into a female, jaw contouring surgery to shape the jaw into a more feminine aspect, as well as a vertical reduction genioplasty, are both required (shortening the height of the chin). In comparison, a V-Line procedure commonly should not reduce the vertical height of the chin as that would run counter to the intended appearance.

If the face to be feminized is overly long, a condition that is known as vertical maxillary excess or “long face syndrome”, we may also recommend surgical correction via a jaw surgery procedure known as the Le Fort Osteotomy I.

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