Dr Ahmad Ali Amirghofran

Dr Ahmad Ali Amirghofran has been an associate professor in cardio-vascular surgery at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) since 2009.

The following are among some of his managerial experiences:

He graduated from SUMS with a general medical degree in 1989 and a specialty in general surgery in 1994. He then completed his subspecialty in cardiothoracic surgery in the UK in 1998. He was the head of the cardiac surgery department in Shiraz for 14 years. He is a member of several professional societies, such as ISCS, IST, EACTS, and AA CTS. He has published around 60 research papers on topics such as cardiac surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, mitral valve surgery, and congenital heart disease. He has also invented or performed many operations for the first time in the world or in Iran, such as the RAA valve. He is an expert in minimally invasive cardiac surgery and congenital cardiac surgery.