Want A Face Lift?

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March 2, 2019
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March 2, 2019

Want A Face Lift?

Want A Face Lift

Want A Face Lift?


If you’re over 40, you’ve been there: That face in the mirror — it just isn’t you anymore. Like a good house in an older neighborhood, it’s time for remodeling.

Indeed, cosmetic surgery — especially facial plastic surgery — is a serious step. Here are some things to consider before you see a surgeon.

1. Your motivation. It’s important that you already feel good about yourself — that you just want to improve your self-image, refresh your face.

“You don’t want to be thinking, ‘I must have this surgery because it will give me a new life.
It has to be other way around — I’m already comfortable with who I am, but my body image isn’t right. I look old, angry, tired, and would feel more confident, feel better if I improved myself a bit.”

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Sometimes a little facial plastic surgery helps in the job market, Po. “But you don’t want the job to be a primary motivation. But if you’re in sales, real estate, and you want to feel more competent, do a better job of presenting yourself, that’s a good reason to have plastic surgery.”

2. Your expectations. Facial plastic surgery won’t make your husband or wife come back, and it won’t make your employer rehire you. It also won’t make you look like your favorite movie star.

Your bone structure, cartilage, and skin play into the end result. “We say we can make your nose look better on your face. We can take what you have and fine-tune it — but we can’t change your nose to someone else’s,” says Powell.

3. Your emotional state. If you’re going through emotional trauma — you just lost your spouse, got divorced, are depressed — don’t have cosmetic surgery.



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