Nystagmus treatment in iran

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April 13, 2019
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April 13, 2019

Nystagmus treatment in iran

Nystagmus treatment in iran


Nystagmus is a condition of involuntary (or voluntary, in rare cases) eye movement, acquired in infancy or later in life, that may result in reduced or limited vision. Due to the involuntary movement of the eye, it has been called “dancing eyes”.

In a normal condition, while the head rotates about an axis, distant visual images are sustained by rotating eyes in the opposite direction on the respective axis.The semicircular canals in the vestibule of the ear sense angular acceleration. These send signals to the nuclei for eye movement in the brain. From here, a signal is relayed to the extraocular muscles to allow one’s gaze to fixate on one object as the head moves. Nystagmus occurs when the semicircular canals are being stimulated (e.g. by means of the caloric test, or by disease) while the head is not in motion. The direction of ocular movement is related to the semicircular canal that is being stimulated.



I decided to do Nystagmus treatment in Iran. What should I do?

You do not need to worry about Nystagmus treatment  until you pay more attention to all these issues before proceeding. The important thing is to find a Nystagmus Hospital And Eye surgeon . If you are looking for Nystagmus cost in Iran , you can contact us and Get free consultation from Iranian surgery.

The Nystagmus treatment Process in Iran

Just like any other surgery, you should check your medical records with a professional doctor. To do this, you must send us all your medical files and medical IDs. We will connect you with the best doctors, hospitals and clinics in Iran, and then you can ask any questions you have in mind.

By traveling to Iran, you can save the most money and get the highest quality of Nystagmus treatment.

Priority should be given before Nystagmus treatment in Iran

  • Consultation with eye surgeon before traveling to Iran
  • Estimated cost of Nystagmus treatment in Iran
  • Duration of treatment in Iran
  • Travel expenses to Iran.


Does Nystagmus treatment cost in Iran less than other countries?

Low price is one of the most important features of Nystagmus treatment in Iran. This is because the cost is less than 100 to 300 percent of the price of Nystagmus treatment in Europe, Turkey, Qatar and the United States, while maintaining the same efficiency.

Who is the best surgeon in Nystagmus treatment in Iran?


Most surgeons in breast eye in Iran have high experience in eye surgery.

Most Iranian beauty surgeons graduate from reputable American and European universities and have enough experience to do so.


Nystagmus treatment Package In iran


We offer the best Nystagmus treatment Package in iran at the most affordable prices. Our Nystagmus  treatment Package in iran includes flight ticket, hotel, pick up, clinic and transfer.

Hotel / Transfer/ Full board / Visa

Items included in the package :

Clinic and doctor visits

laboratory tests

medical photography

post-operative care


recovery and follow-up


Health care in iran

Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran are a country in Western Asia. With over 81 million people, Iran is the world’s 18 most populous country, the second largest country in the Middle East and the world’s 17 largest countries. . Tehran is the capital of the country and the largest city in the country as well as its economic and cultural center.

Iran is one of the safest countries in the world, annually more than 1 million tourists from different parts of the world travel to Iran to visit historical sites and treatments.

Iran is one of the main tourist destinations in the world, Iran’s hospitals are highly equipped and the most specialized surgical operations such as organ transplantation, heart surgery, and cancer treatment are carried out by Iranian surgeons.

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