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Hair Transplantation

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Hair transplantation and natural hair transplantation methods

God created poetry to beautify the face of his slaves. This beauty may be lost as early baldness due to various factors. They lose the natural appearance of people, but they find ways to solve this problem. There is no difference between man and woman. It can be damaged or worn in your head, cheek, or eyebrow. Therefore, you suffer from psychological disorders, loss of self-confidence, and lack of comfort and satisfaction because hair is an important element of beauty. The easy treatment in our specialized doctors is hair transplantation. They are done with updated equipment and equipment. This cosmetic surgery is non-surgical, offering you a permanent solution to all hair loss and baldness problems and you will get realistic and good results from the process. After this process, you do not need to use aloe vera, vitamin pills or hair shampoos to grow or prevent it from falling. Some loved ones may have questions about how to grow hair. Here we explain to you what hair transplantation is and how to determine the cost and price of hair transplantation. In the end we mention the best centers for conducting this operation and how hair transplant services are in Iran

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Hair transplant

Is a type of cosmetic surgery with the use of advanced techniques and enemies, dictates the empty areas of hair in the head or front where men hit more than women. Most men and some women refer to the hair-raising clinics in the front, and since this procedure is often performed, they have been successful so far, they are satisfied with their choice. Try hair growing to reduce the forehead, reduce the soft front, and reduce the front line of the hair. Women are more likely to do this than men. This process is one of the simplest surgical procedures to be performed within the health and beauty centers. However, hair transplantation operations for men are more invasive than hair transplantation for the front. There are two ways to complete the hair transplant process: natural hair transplantation and hair transplantation . We will explain to you two ways and find out which is right for you.
What is the process of natural hair transplantation?

This is an appropriate method for people who have baldness in some of their head points. In this process, the doctor will remove the hair from its roots from the back of the head or its sides where it contains the appropriate size of hair and sow it in the free part of the hair. Do not worry about the pain, numb the area in a local way and you are awake all the time. You can talk to the doctor and see what happens.

How does a doctor take a hair transplant?

Whatch out! There are ways to take the hair to be implanted by the doctor



Can hair transplants fail?

On some occasions, the hair transplant is performed by an inexperienced surgeon, as a result grafting does not take place properly causing the procedure to fail. ... Less-experienced doctors are prone to make mistakes while predicting the permanent safe donor area for hair transplantation

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) method  is a modern method and is currently performed by doctors. In this technique, one hair is taken with the bulb and implanted by the doctor directly in the desired part. Is the most modern and widespread hair transplant method. This method solved one of the biggest difficulties that the patient encountered when restoring the hair by using the FUT technique in this position; it did not require a deep wound in the scalp that needed too long to heal.

SUT method is a modern method of operation conducted by specialists in one session without surgical incisions or anesthesia and bruises. The process is performed using automatic and sophisticated equipment. This technique does not notice one line of growth of your hair and the difference between natural hair and implanted hair. FEATURES This process is the speed at completion and the person can see hair implanted from the first day and the recovery period is short. You can travel to Iran and inquire with specialists.

Fit method: This is a technique for hair transplantation that is taking place more in the country of Iran in the health centers of Shiraz city. Surgery in this way a few is not extracted Plant a large number of bulbs in one session (1000 to 1500 hair follicles) Vijtaj to a number of sessions of the process and this progressive way to show no trace of the procedure

What is the process of artificial hair transplantation?

Doctors recommend this procedure to people who have complete baldness and do not have an area connected to the ligaments. The hair implanted in this surgery is of the quality of the manufactured tissue. This hair does not grow and remains at the length of the transplant chosen by the patient. The cost of this process is less than normal hair transplantation. It does not take time to recover and the patient has the possibility to practice his life in a way before the operation immediately after implantation. The result of the process is quick, painless, and noticeable, and the final appearance shows the hair after implantation. Artificial hair is not a scar or wound after planting. Just choose your hair color and hair appearance. In order to complete this procedure, the doctor will numb the head and the patient will not feel pain during the operation. The complications of the process are swelling, inflammation of the implant site and a few days' disappearance.

How does implanted hair grow?

After hair transplantation(how does implaned hair grow), the new hair does not grow at all and may grow at any time. The implanted hair has a specific growth cycle

In the first 2-3 months after implantation, hair grown under the skin begins to emerge from the skin after 4 to 6 months in the sixth month, about 40 to 60 percent of the hair grows

Hair growth may be thinner and thinner but thick and thick. Generally, the hair growth cycle is usually 12 months and in some cases it does not take 18 months, and this is common in women in the first two weeks after the cultivation is critical, hair care is very important.

At this time, a layer of veneer is formed around the implanted hair that is removed over time and with subsequent washing, the hair is implanted and in the fourth week there is no hair on your head.

In a month, the person's face is exactly like the time before the hair is implanted. In the second and fourth month after hair transplantation, the hair begins to bud.

In the fifth to ninth months after hair transplantation, many hairs were transplanted from under the skin of course, these hairs are often thin and thicker

Results of hair transplant after one year
See results of hair transplantation After hair transplantation(how does implaned hair grow), it takes about 9 months to 12 months to detect hair transplant results

Results of hair transplantation after one to six days from one day to six days after hair transplant, there will be a slight swelling in the forehead There is also the possibility of hair transplant red at this time These complications are the first result of hair transplant after a week

Hair transplant results after two weeks the second day after two weeks of hair transplantation, hair begins to fall for 3 weeks, which is normal, will shoot the hair, but the hair root will continue in the scalp on the other hand, when you wash your head, Which is normal, and in the coming months will also disappear.

Hair transplant results After three months after hair transplant, a few new hairs will grow on the scalp and be visible but may not grow the same way, but in the end they will all grow completely at first, this hair is quite thin, but When the time comes, be thick and dense

Results of hair transplant After five to six months During this time after hair transplant, the new hair becomes clearly visible, from two to three inches of hair shaft, and the hair becomes thicker.

Hair growth results Eight to ten months later, after hair transplantation, a person's hair will become taller and longer than before.

Hair transplantation results After one year after one year of hair transplantation, the results of hair transplantation can be fully observed, which in most cases reduces the shine of implanted hair, but the results of hair transplant are very natural.

What happens after hair transplantation?

Expecting hair growth after hair transplantation can be an exciting experience, but you should be patient to remove hair from under the skin and remember that the initial results may not be a complete success for sowing, so be patient

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What is the benefit of hair transplantation? Does this process have problems?

Hair transplantation helps to make a person look more confident. Among its other benefits are:

Some people can use this process for other cosmetic purposes, such as exposing the front hair line to reduce the size of the forehead and making it compatible with the rest of facial features. Hair transplantation is the easy and quick solution to get natural hair in less than a year. Where hair follicles begin to grow after 3 months until the scalp takes a natural image during the year. The costs of hair transplantation are appropriate and very limited. Compare the cost of treatment with creams, sprays and medical medicines that should be placed on the skin of the head for a long time, the cost of this method long-term treatment is very expensive and sometimes without results required and fast. Remember that the cost of hair transplanting in some places offers plenty of time and money to spend in other practices. A person with baldness will be relieved if the implanted hair is a solution to the fall or not. The implanted hair is well-established and strong, especially if the hair transplant is performed by specialized doctors. The person with baldness gets a natural hair lasting after the procedure and is the important benefit of the benefits of hair transplant, as it is possible to practice normal life with the appearance of the most beautiful and appropriate image away from the symptoms of artificial hair and medical products used in the treatment of baldness and the use of dyes and Comb hair naturally without worrying about hair loss After the operation there is no need to stay under the care and management of the clinic, and the person can exercise life and natural things from the next day. Do not leave the process behind any traces or scars that can appear. I do not have a hair transplant any danger to the public safety of the person, as he used his hair in the areas there is a density of hair, and move it to the free zone. This needs attention after hair transplantation. Planted hair looks natural while maintaining nutritious foods and natural products from shampoos and creams. So hair can be shaved after 6 months of operation

What are the complications of this process?
Hair transplantation, such as any other operation involving some risks, can be caused for a variety of reasons, such as operation in hair transplant centers or non-approved clinics, or for someone who has not studied at the medical school and receives the necessary degrees and degrees It is. Also, many of the cases that you have encountered fail the process of hair transplant and the reason behind it is not to perform medical tests and visit the doctor in the history of the person, or not follow the necessary tips doctor after surgery. If the operation was in a given location and was performed by a doctor with necessary scientific certificates, this process has no serious complications:


Anesthesia in the area of ​​agriculture after surgery and local pain, so the doctor describes painkillers until the end of this offer in three days.
Some of the infections, swelling and bruising that are the effects of anesthesia needles and hostility and these are natural symptoms. After surgery, a person needs to take pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs as prescribed by the doctor. The doctor advises that healing aids will completely disappear gradually during the first month. You should follow the doctor's guidelines and recommendations on how to take care of the head skin to get the best results. It is best to take a break from work for a full recovery period until any swelling in the area is lost.
It is possible for the follicles to fall, and this should be distinguished from the same hair loss. The second is expected to be prepared during the first six months, after which the permanent hair will begin to grow. However, the fall of the follicle indicates the failure of all the results of the operation. It is possible that the reason for this is a mistake in the operation because the doctor is unskilled or because the prescriptions and instructions are not followed by a doctor after the operation.

What is necessary for this process? What are its steps?

What is necessary for this process? What are its steps?

  1. If you want to implant hair, these steps:
    Look for the best doctors first, in the medical sites and the pages of the centers and doctors candidates and have to communicate with the doctor and visit him personally and take the inquiry from him about everything, especially the process, your actions, steps and results of the process and complications.
  2. Call your doctor for hair transplantation or call this number ...... Experts will help you with the steps and give you a visit.
    Hair transplantation is very expensive, especially if you travel to another country. Choose a doctor with confidence and good skill.
  3. Explain some of the qualities of a good doctor who can help you choose this:
    After the date of the procedure, the clinic experts will assist you in preparing for and guiding you to the operating room. The doctor will visit you in the room and start your surgery.

Explain some of the qualities of a good doctor who can help you choose this:

  • Rest assured that the doctor is a graduate of one of the recognized medical schools and has received a medical certificate and runways from the Ministry of Health, the country has a good reputation
  • It is important that your doctor follow up the development of medicine and modern techniques in the world of cosmetic surgery.
  • It is essential that the doctor has a number of years of experience in the field of hair transplant less than five years
  • It is best to be a member of the ISHRS, the International Association for Hair Transplantation
  • He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the American Board and the Canadian College.
  • Meet some of the doctor's illness of choice and see photos of his patients before and after surgery.

What happens in the clinic before hair transplant?

First, the doctor needs to perform some medical lobes and blood transfusions especially for the elderly. The doctor describes some instructions and guidelines to follow before hair transplantation. It is sometimes recommended to take certain medications to prevent hair loss.

Second If you decide to perform a hair transplant at a certain center, you should follow these important prescriptions before surgery:

  • Do not preheat 24 hours before operation. Smoking affects the rate of recovery and healing after bruising
    Do not trim your hair. It is essential that the hair grows properly and tolerates the process of farmers
    Your skin shakes for 10 minutes a day for a month or at least two weeks. The purpose is to increase blood flow in the scalp and to
    improve the skin of the head.Two weeks before the operation stopped taking:
    Anti - inflammatory and anti - inflammatory drugs


    Vitamins and dietary supplements are undefined

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How does a surgeon perform a hair transplant?

The doctor plans the implant placement with a pen to properly divide it so that the hair distribution is relaxed. Then he will position the head skin with the needle where the patient will remain awake and conscious during the procedure and if he / she can speak with the doctor during the procedure. After a few moments and the sensation of anesthesia in the skin, the doctor extracts hair clips from the area with special stimuli and the bulbs are planted in the area of ​​baldness. If the person feels pain, the doctor will arrange another treatment for the area in which he feels pain.
Hair transplantation takes between 4 and 6 hours. In one session, 2,000 to 7000 hairs can be cultured and one person may be reduced to one session if the hair density is at the back or sides of the head unless the head is completely free of hair.

How much does the cost and price of hair transplantation cost?

The most important choice in this process is the cost of hair transplantation. The cost of hair transplantation has decreased significantly in recent years due to the emergence of modern techniques and equipment, and these surgeries have succeeded in the most intensive hair transplant centers around the world, especially the country of Iran. hair transplan cost is not easy and involves different factors. The cost of hair transplantation varies according to the following:

  • Country to conduct the process
    The cost of the process itself
    The cost of the surgeon who performs the procedure and this cost is different if the doctor is famous; the price is more than the doctors of the other.
    The amount of anesthetic substances for the local anesthesia and the salaries of the anesthetists
    The cost of performing pre-operation procedures such as medical examinations and blood transfusions
    Quantity and area of cultivated hair
    Number of hair follicles required for extraction
    The cost of medicines and preparations for pre- and post-operation
    The cost of traffic and food tickets if the process is conducted outside the country
    The cost of accommodation in the clinic includes the cost of booking the room, clothing and tools required for the hospital

It is possible to get the price and the cost of making this process close. We can help you determine the exact cost of the surgery after visiting the doctor at our clinic or by calling the clinic number and asking about experts at the clinic.

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The average cost of only head hair transplantation is different in any country by technology.

Pay attention to the prices of hair transplantation in the Middle East countries as follows:


The process


Hair transplantation in Iran

Hair transplantation)  FUT )

400 - 1300 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Iran

Hair transplantation ) FUE )

500 - 2000 US dollar

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation)  FUT )

800 - 2500 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation )FUE )

1000 - 3000 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia

Hair transplantation ) FUT )

2500 - 6000 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia

Hair transplantation ) FUE )

3,000-  8,000 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Egypt

Hair transplantation ) FUT )

500 - 1500 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Egypt

Hair transplantation ) FUE )

800 - 2500 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Jordan

Hair transplantation ) FUT )

800 - 2000 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Jordan

Hair transplantation ) FUE )

1000 - 3000 US dollars

Hair transplantation in UAE

Hair transplantation ) FUT )

3000 - 7500 US dollars

Hair transplantation in UAE

Hair transplantation ) FUE )

4000 - 8000 US dollars

The average cost of hair transplantation according to the number of hair follicles implanted in this country in Asia, Aruba or America is:




Hair Transplantation in Iran

400 - 1800 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Egypt

1,100 - 2,500 US dollars

Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia

SR 10,000 - SR 25,000

Hair transplantation in UAE

2,500 - 4,000 US dollars

Hair transplant in Jordan

1200 Jordanian Dinars - 3000 Jordanian Dinars

Hair transplantation in Turkey and Aruba

1900 euros

Hair transplantation in America

4,000 - 14,000 US dollars

Hair transplantation Morocco, West, sunset

4700 euros

Islamic Republic of Iran


iran is one of the world's best hair transplant centers . The name of the country of Iran is always in the list of the top ten countries in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery, especially hair transplantation in third place after rhinoplasty and dental implants. It is one of the most successful and well-known countries in these fields because of the best innovative and advanced equipment in its medical centers. The country of Iran is one of the 10 countries in the field of cosmetic surgery according to ISAPS reports. These cosmetic surgeries are provided by the world's largest medical faculties and are members of the International Society for Hair Transplantation (ISHRS). It should be remembered that Iranian doctors hold the American or British Board certification In the field of hair transplantation .  The Ministry of Health in Iran monitors law enforcement in this field and warns the competent and unqualified doctors to practice the profession of medicine and cosmetic surgery in any way without these runways.

The operations of hair transplantation in Iran means the latest technologies such as FUT and FUE (hair transplant technology Alaguettaf and chip technology) and SUT ( the cost of 3 million Toman to 6 million Toman) and FIT (especially in the city of Shiraz) medical Baltat innovative and latest ways in the world.

The cost of hair transplantation according to the techniques and capabilities mentioned in the kisses is about 10 to 20% of the cost of the same operations and the same techniques and equipment in Aruba. Do not forget that the cost of cosmetic surgery centers in Iran is suitable for all. It provides all that the patient needs at the lowest prices and the best facilities. The cost of the operation in Iran is about 700 US dollars. The most experienced doctors and experts are ready to provide distinctive services and use of modern and sophisticated techniques and devices in the utmost precision and perfection of surgical procedures in hair transplant clinics . These clinics have a distinguished medical staff and a full-fledged team of staff who work sincerely to achieve the best results and the patients' satisfaction. Beauty centers and hospitals in Iran are subject to strict government control to ensure the implementation of the health safety program and prevent transmission of infection.

Besides these features, do not forget! You can enjoy the sights and landmarks of Iran as well as the surgery. Iran is famous for its culture, art and heritage, with its sights and tourist attractions and tourist and archaeological sites you will want to visit during your stay. The Lithuanian tourism centers always offer the best services to foreign tourists. Have you heard about the cities of Achaemenid and Parthian and the effects of the Kingdom of Elam in Iran? In addition to this, there is the possibility of enjoying the beaches and trips to the picturesque natural forests in the north and west of Iran.

 Famous cities to perform the process of hair transplant and the most beautiful scenes of Mashhad and Shiraz. This does not mean that the rest of the clinics scattered in this country, less quality and evolution. The number of cosmetic clinics has increased in recent years and has spread throughout the country. The first place in this area is the capital of Tehran, the second is the city of Isfahan, then the city of Tabriz comes in third place. Do not forget that all of them are considered to be the most important tourist centers in Iran.

 Do not miss visiting these cities and perform the operation in the towns of these cities. Do not forget to search many sites and sources about the best hair transplant doctor in Iran. The most Iranian beauty centers have an electronic guide on the Internet, which lists phone numbers, names of specialists, years of experience and runways.

Do not worry about the difference of tongue in the country of Iran. The good thing is that translation services due to the proximity of Iran in the Arab countries are available in any city and their prices are appropriate. In addition, there are Iranian translation offices. An interpreter is available 8 hours or 12 hours a day throughout your stay. You can ask beauty centers to provide an interpreter to assist you throughout the process of the hospital.




the State of Turkey has often provided cosmetic services, especially hair transplantation, in several specialized medical centers and has become a pioneer in this field. The best medical centers in Turkey are located in the cities of Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. Turkey clinics in addition to medical services and post-operation monitoring, provide side and other tourist services such as tourism and tourism programs.

FUT and FUE are techniques for hair transplantation in Turkey. The cost of the operation in Turkey is 25 to 30% costs in the Western countries and is far below the cost. The cost of hair transplantation in Italy ranges from $ 

2,282 to approximately $ 3,765, in Izmir from $ 715 to approximately $ 2,941, in Ankara from $ 915 to more than $ 2,235 and in Istanbul from $ 1,235 to approximately $ 2,941



the cities of Bembi, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and others have been famous for the process of hair transplantation in India. These specialized centers are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for hair transplantation. This country has specialized surgeons who graduated from colleges who have high efficiency in the field of cosmetic medicine and complete the hair transplant process with precision and proficiency. Medical Centers Henk offers various medical services in the field of cosmetics and their specialized physicians. It uses modern and advanced techniques for patients such as FUT or FIT. Hair transplant expenses in this country are 20 to 25% higher than similar operations in Europe and America. India is a convenient option because the cost of the process and medical services ranges from $ 1 to $ 5 and the price of the same services in Aruba is between $ 4-9.

Dominican Republic for hair transplantation


The Republic of Dominique is known for its high standards of medical tourism and safety. Hair transplant costs are low. Have you seen her beautiful island, which competes with other places in the world? This wonderful island has the best medical centers with skilled specialists on the world level and they are successful in many medical fields especially hair transplantation. There is no shortage of infections and the use of the latest techniques such as FUE and FUT. For this reason you can feel comfortable and comfortable in Dominican clinics and treatment centers to solve their problems in hair loss or baldness in the country.




Mexico is in the first place among American countries and the best country to complete the hair transplantation process for people in America and Aruba. Which are distinguished in the centers of health tourism of the body and soul at cheaper prices and through the use of FUE technology. You can treat baldness and hair loss in normal ways in their clinics, which doctors in this country insist on. Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit their doctors.




the cities of Bembi, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and others have been famous for the process of hair transplantation in India. These specialized centers are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for hair transplantation. This country has specialized surgeons who graduated from colleges who have high efficiency in the field of cosmetic medicine and complete the hair transplant process with precision and proficiency. Medical Centers Henk offers various medical services in the field of cosmetics and their specialized physicians. It uses modern and advanced techniques for patients such as FUT or FIT. Hair transplant expenses in this country are 20 to 25% higher than similar operations in Europe and America. India is a convenient option because the cost of the process and medical services ranges from $ 1 to $ 5 and the price of the same services in Aruba is between $ 4-9.


female hair transplant

Process   Hair transplantation for women

The hair transplantation process for women looking for alternative treatments for hair loss has recently gained popularity because of the

appearance of micro-grafting, ie, unilateral hair transplantation. Can be highly beneficial and produce variable-life effects for the appropriate

candidate .

Attracting hair transplantation for women grows your own hair. No extra maintenance is needed, except for your hair style. By taking advantage

of your growing hair and re-positioning it and redistributing it through the thin areas of your hair, you can achieve great results .




Hair transplantation without shaving

Some types of surgeons suggest hair transplantation in women without purification. This type of agriculture is possible in some cases, but it should be noted that hair transplantation requires several thousand hair charts and can be very shiny without hair. It's a waste of time. Thus, the cost of hair transplant increases in sciatica.


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Causes of hair loss in women

1- Delivery

Heavy weight loss, severe stress, insomnia or taking some medications occur when a lot of hair is thrown every day when brushing .

2- Genetics

Baldness is also thin hair, especially at the front of the hair line in front, which may occur at the age of 20 years. This type of baldness and loss of hair is driven by the pattern of hair loss .

3- Thyroid dysfunction

When a person's body produces far less than the required amount of thyroid hormones, it causes a defect in the thyroid, or hypothyroidism .

4- Another cause of hair loss is the presence of a severe disease that weakens the immune system and attacks healthy tissues in the body .

Symptoms of these types of diseases include fatigue, headache, swelling, swelling around the eye, chest pain and insomnia .

5- Women suffer from severe monthly bleeding

When you do not eat iron-containing foods enough, your blood cells may not be fed well, so you will not get enough oxygen throughout the body. In this case, the person also suffers from insomnia, fatigue, weakness of the body, headaches and coldness of the hand .

6- Some women also suffer from a syndrome that can start at the age of eleven because of the hormonal imbalance that causes the ovaries to produce male hormones .

7- Unhealthy scalp

The symptoms of this type of disease are also yellowish and scaly skin can result from hormonal changes and excessive oily skin. In this case, the doctor examines the patient's head and describes some types of shampoo.

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Before and after hair transplantation in sciatica

how does implaned hair grow

After hair transplantation in women

After hair transplantation in women(female hair transplant), the patient may return home or to patients from outside the city to their room at the hotel. There

are no dressings or drains available. The next day the patients bathe and after two days of surgery wash their hair gently. For the first week, the forehead

may appear slightly swollen, the back of the scalp feels distressed, and the small fuss will sit when the implant is placed. But all these things quickly

disappear and the patient can then return to social, practical and physical activities. Dr. Rosenberg likes to describe the growth of implanted hair such as

seeds in the garden." New hair growth takes several months to begin after, and then becomes more deeply rooted and healthy. In the twelfth week most

patients begin to observe new growth of hair, and after 9-12 months, the results are exciting .

Dena Hospital

Cost of hair transplantation in women

What are the hair transplant for women in Iran?

The first variable account for the cost of hair transplants for women in Iran based on the number of grafts planted. With the exception of hair transplantation, the cost of hair transplantation in women depends on the type of baldness in the head

The cost of female hair transplantation can be very different and depends on a different factor. In general, the cost of hair transplantation in Iran will be between $ 700 and $ 3,000 .

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Where is the best hair transplant center for women in Iran

Specialized center for hair transplantation in Shiraz: A specialized center for hair transplantation and has a special department for hair transplantation for men and women .

The Shiraz Hair Center is one of the best hair transplant centers in the world because more than 2,000 successful hair transplants have been performed at the center. This center has used some of the best Iranian cosmetic surgeons .

A specialized center for hair transplantation for women in the scene with many cosmetic departments such as rhinoplasty and liposuction, but the most famous is the hair transplant section .

The Medical Center for Hair Transplantation in Tehran: It is characterized by two highly experienced Iranian doctors .

The center offers a variety of cosmetic surgeries

The center specializes in hair transplantation,   Liposuction , Rhinoplasty Surgery .

What is the Hair Restoration ?

Hair Restoration is defined as the process of hair restoration by surgical and non-surgical procedures. Hair restoration includes hair transplantation, microgermabrasion of the follicular unit, implantation of the follicular unit and extraction of the follicular unit. These procedures are performed for people with baldness, either in males or females, especially in men; there is more baldness in men than women.

Types of hair restoration

There are different procedures that may be performed by the specialist doctor for the treatment of hair, including the following:


  • Scalp Reduction:

    A step to cover the hair-free area at the top of the head, so that the doctor takes a part of the scalp without hair, and softens the surrounding skin and then tighten it to cover the area of ​​the left and then polarized. A scalp reduction procedure is used in men and women to treat hair loss, especially baldness, in the upper scalp. Scaling procedures involve moving the skin that contains hair in the scalp to the area that suffers from baldness. For example, if the upper part of the scalp The head is suffering from baldness. The specialist pulls the skin from both sides of the head to sew the sides together. Although scalp reduction is an effective treatment for baldness, the doctor does not perform it unless all other attempts to treat baldness fail. As the doctor should be aware Of the main cause of injury to hair loss, to decide then if it minimized the scalp suitable process or no

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Hair Restoration

hair loss treatments ones really work


it’s the holy grail of hair loss – a pill or potion that will restore thinning hair and reverse baldness. Which explains why an industry worth $1.5billion worldwide has sprung up, offering anxious men (and women)hair losstreatments from herbal remedies to shampoos and supplements.

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), male pattern baldness affects 30pc of men under 30, and around 80pc of men over 70.

“The hair loss industry has a huge and captive audience and is only too willing to take your money,” says hair loss expert Spencer Stevenson, who has spent over £40,000 on hair transplants(hair transplantation) and hair loss treatments in the last twenty years.

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The Latest Hair Replacement Procedures

The Latest Hair Replacement Procedures Today’s options for hair growth have gone through a major evolution since 1952 when hair transplantation surgery was first pioneered. Treatments have shifted from unnatural-looking transplants to sophisticated new drugs and improvements in hair transplant surgery, and cloning individual hair cells. David Orentreich, MD, a professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and others who specialize in the field of hair restoration say that the future looks even brighter than the present. Orentreich’s father Norman first pioneered hair transplantation surgery.

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